Soil Preparation

Fertilizers & Growing Medium

Fertilizer and chemical applications need to be carefully applied and carefully monitored.   Selecting the right fertilizers and balancing plant nutrients is extremely important for healthy, strong growth.   Furthermore, maintaining regular applications of these nutrients is critical in securing a healthy harvest. 

 In instances when nutrients are out of balance severe deficiencies or toxicities may occur in your crop. Thus, it is important to consider both the source and amount of fertilizer to be used.  There are many different types of chemical fertilizers in different formulations because different plants require different nutrients and different pH levels in the soil. These fertilizers are categorised in the following groups, macronutrients, micronutrients, special-purpose fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and slow-release fertilizers. 

The Tunnel Shop assists with all of the above. That is to say, by supplying the right fertilizer and initiating onsite training, we equip our customers with the knowledge and know-how necessary to produce a fruitful harvest.